Saturday, October 24, 2009

LOOSE LEAF - Keepin It Reel Vol. 2

Loose Leaf ft. Pennacle
Based out of the Los Angeles area, Loose Leaf has appeared on DJ Woogie's Streets On Beats 24 and several Coast 2 Coast mixtapes. He and Pen form the group JaKaBowls. They are currently working on their debut album due out at the end of '09, which will feature tracks with Snoop Dogg, Tony Yayo, Lil Wayne and more.

Website 2:

Loose Leaf ft. Pen - Go Crazy

Download: Go Crazy
Download: Keepin' It Reel Vol. 2

KEEPIN' IT REEL Vol. 2 (as in movie reel) is the second of Loose Leaf's mixtape series featuring music from Blockbuster soundtracks.

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