Friday, October 30, 2009

HsPnikMCs Ft. Nonoloco - Welcome to Cali

HsPnik MCs consist of two latin MC's named Al Hoods and AG aka Nonchellant who where born in Los Angeles,CA and where raised in poverty stricken neighborhoods like South Central & Mid-City. HsPniK MCs managed to stay away from the gang life that has taken so many lives in California. They stay away by playing sports, writing music and just avoiding trouble.


HsPnikMCs Ft. Nonoloco - Welcome to Cali
Download: Welcome to Cali

HsPniK MCs watched as there peers were being killed or sent to prison. It was then when they realized that music gave them a sense of hope, a sense of freedom from the world. They chose to rap as a way of channeling their emotions and experiences in this California life. As the years passed HsPniK MCs has worked hard to become the voice of Latinos worldwide. By creating songs like "39 Million Latinos" and " I Rather Die" that spoke about being a latino in America. Be a witness to this latin movement that has Los Angeles buzzin. So dont sleep on them, Cuz while the haters are chillin HsPniK MCs are creating a movement of Latinos who are sick and tired of being ignored. "I Rather Die On My Feet, Then Live On Knees & Die For My People & Set Them Free" - Peace, HsPniK MCs

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