Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dremur - Galaxy

Dremur is humble and down to earth and feels the simple things in life are the best things in life. He loves all things that are artistic from dance, painting, and singing. Dremur understands that music as a career choice can be a very challenging journey but with the right support and the right connections he is ready and willing to face all hurdles.


Download Link: GALAXY

Galaxy by Dremur

“– Nothing more than a moon amongst a constellation of star

Dremur - Why

“Grind till the sunshine” a simple phrase that means a lot to a young Bronx breed MC, who doesn’t desire the glitz and the glam of the industry. He’s satisfied with being heard. Raised by a single parent Dremur has been dealt his fare share of dilemmas unlike many of his close friends and peers he choose to rise above. His fear of pursuing a music career soon subsided after meeting Donny Goines, an underground MC steady on the rise, who gave him some wise words…”no matter how tired or lazy you feel if you want something you go for it no matter what”. Those words have remained embedded in his mind ever since.



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